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Vera Wed is a wedding and event planning company, based in Rhodes island in Greece.


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We plan Events, Weddings and Celebrations across Rhodes Island, Symi Island, Chalki Island ,Santorini and Creta. From luxury cars, limo, private yachts and helicopters, to few of the finest hotels, till the most amazing private villas.


My name is Vera, 

I am the owner of the company and I look forward to meeting you and helping you create the event of your dreams. The word ” Vera ” translates in Greek to “wedding ring” that of course through it’s circle shape symbolises  the connection of two halves creating eternal love, something without a middle end or begginning just like the circle. 

After 25 years of experience in the tourism industry I gained organizational expertise accompanied by an excellent knowledge of destinations as well as perfect communication skills so we can work together on creating the event of your dreams! When businesses measure success purely by the numbers, they can lose sight of their customers as living human beings. That’s why my team and I always treat clients like family.


Make Your Ceremony be the Special day

Make a wish and we’ll take care of the rest.

Greece’s rich beauty alone can transform your special day into a majestic fairy-tale but having a team of experienced professionals by your side will elate your experience substantially, transforming your big day into a phenomenal event!

Planning a wedding on your own might sound like a fun idea but planning a wedding abroad can become extremely tricky. Let’s be real, the last thing you and your guests want during your holidays is a load of unnecessary stress, paperwork and bossing around of people with who you might have a language barrier. Our job is to take that weight off your shoulders. We deal with the boring procedures and tedious organizing while you get to be involved in the planning of your wedding in a far more pleasurable way and enjoy your holidays. Design your special day with the guidance of our experts who will incorporate your wants and ideas, resulting in a unique wedding that is completely tailored to your preferences. 


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