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Vera Wed

Symbolic wedding
This ceremony allows your personalities to really shine on your special day. The ceremony is entirely up to your personal values and principles, making it extra meaningful to each couple. It is a non-legally binding ceremony that requires zero legal documentation, meaning the options for the wedding’s location are endless! Given the vast amount of choices a symbolic wedding offers, you can allow yourself to daydream about breathtaking beaches, private yachts, luxury villas and so on..

Vera Wed



A vow renewal is a symbolic and celebratory ceremony for married couples to reaffirm their wedding vows and say “Yes, I still choose you.” It is a wonderful way yo celebrate milestone anniversaries, however it is not the only reason to have one. Perhaps your wedding was less than an idea experience and now you are looking to fullfil your initial aspirations or maybe, you and your partner went through some hardships and want to honour the strength of your love. All that to say there is no “right” reason to host a marriage vow renewal. There are no legal documents required, the ceremony can take place in any beautiful location and it can be as serious or light-hearted, as you wish.

Vera Wed is gender inclusive and embraces diversity as every love deserves to be celebrated. Although same sex weddings are not legally recognized in Greece, we can organise a symbolic wedding where you can have a lifelong commitment to your partner, make long lasting memories and devote yourselves to each other. We highly value that you feel welcomed and accepted to show your love story. After all love takes many forms and has no limits.


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vera wed

plan it. live it. love it.

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