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It’s a brief, straight to the point ceremony that is presided by a legal official and lasts about twenty minutes. This non-religious ceremony can be personalized by each couple via  exchanging their individual vows to one another or having good friends or family perform a reading. It can be held indoors and outdoors on authorized locations. Thus, the style and formality of the ceremony depend utterly on the preferences of the couple. You may wonder whether this is legally binding…Yes! A civil wedding is 100% legally bound all across the globe.

In order to have a legal civil ceremony in Greece you have to provide some paperwork that will be different according the country you are coming from.

We will be pleased and happy to help and guide you for the documentation procedure. They have a wide experience managing legal marriages documentation for every citizenship solution.

What You get

Greece means sun & sea , blue coasts, stunning sunsets and eternal love… this is the recipe for a fairy tale wedding. 

 Your Civil Wedding Ceremony in Greece and  can take place in a wide choice of memorable locations. Whatever your dream is, we offer you a wide range of the finest locations and wedding venues Greece as well as in any of our other beautiful destinations. Specifically, your civil ceremony can be held on wonderful private wedding terraces with breathtaking views, at elegant sea view hotels, at private villas, on idyllic golden sand beaches, at exquisite wineries, at picturesque wedding chapels yards or even on a traditional boat or on a luxury yacht! Your civil wedding ceremony in Greece can be small and intimate, romantic, fun and even chic and glamorous. Working closely with you, we will design a special day that matches your likes and preferences. You may personalize your civil wedding in Greece and make it truly unique by adding special touches which best suit your preferences. Your loved one and you can have live music, exchange of vows, rituals, such as a Wedding Wine or a Unity Candle ceremony. You can even have family members or friends to give readings.

To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow–this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.

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